Masking Technique Tutorial

Hello! Today I want to share with you two tutorial: "Masking" technique and creating your own pattern design paper.  I decided to look up the definition for any crafty friends who might be newbie to this term.
Masking: Using paper to cover a portion of the card and keep it from being inked.

Areas I have applied the masking technique:
  • putting the basket behind the girl & teddy on stump
  • log teddy behind large teddy
  • tree behind log teddy
  • second tree behind first tree
  • creating honeycomb pattern picnic blanket
To shorten the tutorial a bit, I will only demonstrate the 1st and last areas. 

Basic materials for any masking project are:

  • clear or rubber stamp of your choice
  • stamp ink
  • scissor
  • craft knife
  • printing paper as your masking paper
  • cardstock  as your foreground paper (your actual image layer )
For my card, I used the following two SugarPea Designs' clear stamp set which by the way, the BEE My Honey is not yet released. I got mine free with my last order as part of the current Sweet Incentive Program which you can find out more information HERE. If you have been following my blog, you'll noticed that I have used some elements from these set on one of my previous post: Welcome Sweet Baby Cecilia Violet.



First, stamp the picnic blanket onto printing paper, cut it out and used it as a template to trace out with a pencil onto the cardstock.  This is the foreground layer which will go onto the base card.

Next, stamp the girl and the stump teddy in their spot of the blanket.  Don't worry about the pencil mark going through the images.  You can gently erase it out later once you done setting your images down.

Now time to Mask the basket...

  1. Stamp the girl and the stump teddy onto printing paper and cut them out.  These are your masking images.
  2. Place the masking images over the foreground layer images.
  3. Ink and stamp the basket right in between the girl and the stump teddy.
  4. Remove your masking images and your result should be like the last photo shown.

Use this masking technique to add in the rest of the elements in: log teddy behind single large teddy; tree #1 behind log teddy and tree #2 behind tree #1.  Then stamp the two smaller teddies and plates onto the blanket.


After setting up the scene, I ran the foreground layer through my printer and make a copy.  Then, with craft knife, I carefully trim open the blanket, going around the two smaller bears sitting on the blanket and around just the legs part of the larger bears and the girl.  This is my masking layer to create the honeycomb pattern on the picnic blanket. (1st photo below)
  1. Lay the masking layer over the foreground layer.  
  2. Ink and stamp the honeycomb onto the blanket area. 
  3. Remove the  masking layer 
  4. Ink a blending applicator with the same distress ink and touch-up on any honeycomb spots missing ink.
  5. Erase any pencil line of the blanket from the images.
Result should look like last photo below.   Notice the ink went over the plates of goodies?  That's okay, I'm going to colored up another images of them,  paper pierced and glue on over later.


Bear: E31, E35 E42 and E50.  

Girl's Hair: E31, E35 E42 and E50.  
Gray Bears: N0, N2, N4

I decided to give these bears some table manner so stamped in the bow-ties on the 3 larger bears.

TREES: YG03, YG 06, YG09  and for the foliage G21, G24 and G29

Grass: YG03, YG06, YG09 
Tree stump: N0, N2, N4, E31, E33, E42
Basket: E31, E42, E50
Teapot/cups: B000, BG01, B02, RV00, RV02 
Cupcakes/celery plates: YG06, YG09, R39, RV00, RV02, W1, YG06, YG09
Skin: E000, E00, E11, RV000, RV10
Clothing attire/bow ties : Y13, Y15, Y17, W00, W02, R46, R89, B91, B95, B97

Cloud: W2. 
 Blue sky: B000.
Beehive/bees: Y17, Y32, Y35, E33, B000

Here's the finished scene all colored up!


I thought it would be cool to have honeycomb pattern paper for the base card layering to matched the picnic blanket.  So I create my own pattern paper using the honeycomb stamp again.  Here it is!  Very quick and easy to do.  

Here is the finished look after assembling all the layers together.

I hope you enjoy it and inspired to go and give it a try yourself.   Thanks for stopping by today and sharing your day with me and perhaps a thought or two.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions.  Have a wonderful rest of your week.  Happy crafting!

Coloring Water With Copic + Guest Design Post

Welcome back to another new week! Today, I am very excited to share with you my very first GDT card for Craft Your Passion Challenge Blog. I want to give a big thank you to Lisa and the team for inviting me to join you this month! I look forward to working with you.

This week new challenge is "Anything Goes" and you can find all the details about the challenge HERE on the challenge blog. Why don't you come along and join me in this easy challenge fun friends?

The sponsor for this week challenge is: Doodle Pantry.

For my card, I chose Doodle Pantry's "Sea Habitat" digi, comes with the pattern papers and you can find it HERE on their website. When I first came upon this digi, I knew right away that I must work with it. The beauty of the seahorse and corals brought back fond memories of our amazing snorkeling trip last June in Cancun. So I am celebrating good old SUMMER FUN vacation memories with this card design :)

** EDITED ***

Also, I've been wanting to try out creating an underwater scenic. I thought you might be interested in giving it a try as well. So I took some photos along the way to share with you.

The wonderful thing I love about digi stamps is the flexibility to create any layout and sizes that you can imagine at ease. For my card, I decided to make it a playful one using simple basic methods. 

STEP 1: Creating the Layout

I opened up Microsoft Word Doc and pulled in this image along with the sentiment. I put a frame around it to guide me with the sizing of my card.

To add more corals and seaweeds, I opened up Paint software since I don't have Photoshop and pulled the same image from above.  Deleted out a few things with the magic eraser, saved and pulled in the new image back into my Word doc layout.  Added in another seahorse and flapped it around upside down for a playful interactive scene to go along with the sentiment "Long time no sea."

STEP 2: Colored the water

Using copic marker B000, with the fine tip side, I made diagonal lines, more tightly together from the bottom to midway of the paper.  Then more spread out from mid-to-top. This allows the mid-bottom to be darker.  Then I went back and blend it entirely with the super brush tip.

Next, using B91 I circled in bubbles and outlined out the sea floor with E31.

To darken the water more, I used B91, moving in a wavy stroke from left-right, stopping just near the top to separate the upper lighter part of the water from the darker ocean floor.  Then went back and blend in again with B000.  

Step 3: Creating light reflection

I wanted my light reflected from the upper right hand corner.  So after a few trials and errors, I came up with this simple method.  

Using Colorless Blender-0, I made strokes diagonally across the page from upper right to bottom left repeatedly until I'm satisfy with the brightness of the light reflection.  There!  You got your underwater light reflection!

Step 4: Bring in the fun splash of colors!

Here is the finished coloring look...To create the pearl on the shell, I used the "W" family.

Final Step: Layering & Last Minute Details

I chose to keep this easel card with the minimum embellishment as possible to bring out the true beauty of this Sea Habitat digi. So I adhesive it onto cream cardstock which I trimmed with wavy craft scissor and sponged the edges with distress ink - vintage photo for that distressed "sea" look.

I also fixed the "Long Time No Sea" sentiment sign to give it a more distressed look. To do that, I scribbled broken lines with Copic fine tip black pen and blend in a little green (G000) to make it appear having seaweed covering it over time.

A little bit of twine here and a little bit of embellishment there and TA-DA! the card is complete!

A side view for you...

FUN FACT ABOUT SEAHORSES:  Did you know that seahorses are the only creature where the MALE is the one to give birth?!?!  Shocking isn't it?  The female lays hundreds of eggs inside the male's pouch. who then keep the eggs safe until they his pouch!  Now that's "Daddy Of The YEAR!"

Thank you so much for swinging by and sharing your day with me on my first GDT card!  I hope you enjoy this little underwater tutorial and that you will join me in this easy challenge fun. You have until Sunday, 9PM-GMT to submit your entries.

Supplies List

Digi image & pattern paper: Doodle's Pantry's Sea Habitat
Copic markers
Copic fine tip pen - black 0.1
Star cliparts
Wavy craft scissor
Distressed ink - Vintage Photo
Pearl Glitter

*EDITED* Welcome Sweet Baby Cecilia Violet

Hello!  Happy 1st day of July!  Today I'm sharing a very special sweet card that's close to my heart.  There's so much excitement going on on my In-Law side.  My husband's cousin and his beautiful wife just welcome the newest precious addition to their little family, sweet baby girl Cecilia Violet!  

October 2015 Edition

In welcoming sweet little Cecilia to the family, I decided to stray away from my typical traditional style CAS cards and create one that is a bit more whimsical and girly.   I knew right off I wanted to put a stork on the card.  But instead of the typical stork on the cloud or outdoor scene look, I thought how about stork landing in the nursery?   Oh wouldn't that make a sweet baby card?  But since I don't have any crib stamps, I decided to challenge myself by hand sketching out one, a Victorian style baby for a princess!

For room decor inspirational ideas, I look no further than that of my own two daughters' rooms. Pulling out butterflies from their wall decor. The accent colors from their bedding and drapery. The tea party set and oh LOTS of teddy bears fun. To help me bring all these fun ideas together, I turned to SugarPea Designs latest and cutest release of sweet stamp sets for the images. I added the stork from the Bundle of Joy and brought the outdoor in by creating a little picnic for the bears using the Teddy Bear Picnic set. For an extra touch of love, I stamped on the back of the smallest bear with a heart along with the elephant from the Welcome Baby set.

After coloring all that up, I did the unthinkable...I SNIP them up!  Yes!  Me again with my scissor! Since I wanted to add a lavender wall embossed with butterflies, dots and floral, there is no other way around except to pierced those images out.  And here are my complete layout of all the pieces, including the hand sketched floor lamp, all ready for assembling. 

"It's the Little things that make life big"

Oh how true is this sentiment from the Bundle of Joy set which I framed it up for the wall decor.  I couldn't resist adding in more teddy bears.  So I popped in two larger size bears from the Bee My Honey set, which by the way is NOT yet release until July.  I got it FREE as part of the Sweet Incentive Program SugarPea Designs is currently offering which you can find out more HERE.  

(Quick Tip: To create the pearl buttons on the crib's headboard, I dotted with white pigment pen).

For an extra special finishing touch, I added in Cecilia's date of birth using Lili of the Valley's Calendars stamp set, printed out her name and stamped about it, "Welcome Little One" from the Bundle of Joy set.

Copic markers color combo:

C0,  N0, 0, V01
R000, R20, R35
 RV000,  RV00, RV02, RV04, RV10, RV25, RV39
B000, B02, B91
BV00,  BV04, BV11, BV13
G000, G00, G02, G12
Y32, Y35
,E21, E31, E42, E50

 Thank you friends for sharing your day with me and perhaps a thought or two.  Below are the challenges I would like to enter this adorable card into.  Have a wonderful week!  Happy crafting!