Masking Technique Tutorial

Hello! Today I want to share with you two tutorial: "Masking" technique and creating your own pattern design paper.  I decided to look up the definition for any crafty friends who might be newbie to this term.
Masking: Using paper to cover a portion of the card and keep it from being inked.

Areas I have applied the masking technique:
  • putting the basket behind the girl & teddy on stump
  • log teddy behind large teddy
  • tree behind log teddy
  • second tree behind first tree
  • creating honeycomb pattern picnic blanket
To shorten the tutorial a bit, I will only demonstrate the 1st and last areas. 

Basic materials for any masking project are:

  • clear or rubber stamp of your choice
  • stamp ink
  • scissor
  • craft knife
  • printing paper as your masking paper
  • cardstock  as your foreground paper (your actual image layer )
For my card, I used the following two SugarPea Designs' clear stamp set which by the way, the BEE My Honey is not yet released. I got mine free with my last order as part of the current Sweet Incentive Program which you can find out more information HERE. If you have been following my blog, you'll noticed that I have used some elements from these set on one of my previous post: Welcome Sweet Baby Cecilia Violet.



First, stamp the picnic blanket onto printing paper, cut it out and used it as a template to trace out with a pencil onto the cardstock.  This is the foreground layer which will go onto the base card.

Next, stamp the girl and the stump teddy in their spot of the blanket.  Don't worry about the pencil mark going through the images.  You can gently erase it out later once you done setting your images down.

Now time to Mask the basket...

  1. Stamp the girl and the stump teddy onto printing paper and cut them out.  These are your masking images.
  2. Place the masking images over the foreground layer images.
  3. Ink and stamp the basket right in between the girl and the stump teddy.
  4. Remove your masking images and your result should be like the last photo shown.

Use this masking technique to add in the rest of the elements in: log teddy behind single large teddy; tree #1 behind log teddy and tree #2 behind tree #1.  Then stamp the two smaller teddies and plates onto the blanket.


After setting up the scene, I ran the foreground layer through my printer and make a copy.  Then, with craft knife, I carefully trim open the blanket, going around the two smaller bears sitting on the blanket and around just the legs part of the larger bears and the girl.  This is my masking layer to create the honeycomb pattern on the picnic blanket. (1st photo below)
  1. Lay the masking layer over the foreground layer.  
  2. Ink and stamp the honeycomb onto the blanket area. 
  3. Remove the  masking layer 
  4. Ink a blending applicator with the same distress ink and touch-up on any honeycomb spots missing ink.
  5. Erase any pencil line of the blanket from the images.
Result should look like last photo below.   Notice the ink went over the plates of goodies?  That's okay, I'm going to colored up another images of them,  paper pierced and glue on over later.


Bear: E31, E35 E42 and E50.  

Girl's Hair: E31, E35 E42 and E50.  
Gray Bears: N0, N2, N4

I decided to give these bears some table manner so stamped in the bow-ties on the 3 larger bears.

TREES: YG03, YG 06, YG09  and for the foliage G21, G24 and G29

Grass: YG03, YG06, YG09 
Tree stump: N0, N2, N4, E31, E33, E42
Basket: E31, E42, E50
Teapot/cups: B000, BG01, B02, RV00, RV02 
Cupcakes/celery plates: YG06, YG09, R39, RV00, RV02, W1, YG06, YG09
Skin: E000, E00, E11, RV000, RV10
Clothing attire/bow ties : Y13, Y15, Y17, W00, W02, R46, R89, B91, B95, B97

Cloud: W2. 
 Blue sky: B000.
Beehive/bees: Y17, Y32, Y35, E33, B000

Here's the finished scene all colored up!


I thought it would be cool to have honeycomb pattern paper for the base card layering to matched the picnic blanket.  So I create my own pattern paper using the honeycomb stamp again.  Here it is!  Very quick and easy to do.  

Here is the finished look after assembling all the layers together.

I hope you enjoy it and inspired to go and give it a try yourself.   Thanks for stopping by today and sharing your day with me and perhaps a thought or two.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions.  Have a wonderful rest of your week.  Happy crafting!


Lois Wyche said...

Awesome job and sharing of technique...Thanks so much!

Holly Young said...

Christina this is just adorable. I love how the picnic blanket turned out after being stamped with the honeycomb pattern. I also really like how you color the trees. It gives them lots of texture!

Rannah Romps said...

I am familiar with this technique! :) I love how many times you used it and I just love the whole scene!!

Karen said...

You did such a fabulous job with this one, I just had to pop by and leave some love! Smiles..

I totally love the way you brought your image to life, and I adore that the picnic blanket matches your pattern paper!xx

Cara Malmrose said...

What a really cute card Christina!
(Hugs) Cara
My Creative Chaos {My Personal Blog}

Shannon McComb said...

Wow! This is simply stunning!! This scene is just the cutest, and your coloring is beautifully done. I love how you share each step of you gorgeous creation!!

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