Tutorial | Easy Simple Frame Stand

Happy Friday friends and viewers!  Thanks so much for stopping by and a big "THANK YOU" for your continuing support.  Today I have a tutorial on how I made this white frame stand to display my daughter's beautiful artwork for her big cousin's upcoming birthday.  The tutorial is to make a 9x10 size frame.  But you can change the measurement to fit your creation.


  • Heavyweight cardstock (color of your choice) - 8x11 size
  • Adhesive - recommend double side adhesive, either the roll type or tear stripes one like I used
  • Straight cut or scissor
  • Score board
  • Bone score


Step 1: Cut a heavy-weight cardstock to size 6x11.  Score and fold in half at 5 1/2 mark to form the triangle stand.

Step 2: To secure the stand, cut a heavy-weight cardstock to size 6x6. Score at the 1/2", 3" and 5 1/2" mark.  Then, fold inward at the 3" mark and outward at the 1/2" and 5 1/2" marks.  Adhesive the base to the inside of the triangle stand.  Here how it should look like.

Step 3: create the frame by cutting out 2, 9x10 size from the heavy-weight cardstock.  Adhesive the two together to create a strong frame.  Here what your frame and stand should look like.

Final Step: adhesive the frame and stand together by aligning the stand from the bottom of the frame like this:

I hope you enjoy my simple easy frame stand.  Thank so much for stopping by and perhaps share your comment as well questions with me.


Linda W. said...

Ahhhhh this is wonderful! Thanks for the tut Christina!

Rannah Romps said...

Thanks for Sharing Christina :)

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