Ink Pads Comparison | Dye Inks v.s. Pigment Inks v.s. Distress Inks

Hero Arts Simon Says Stamp Ranger Distress Inks

Hello and welcome back to Part 2 of today's post!  Earlier today I shared in Part 1 how I create these sets of quick and simple cards for teachers at my children school using the MISTI stamping tool.

In this Part 2, I will first do a quick overview of the differences between dye inkspigment inks and distress inks.  Then, I will share which of the six ink pads I used here would be great for getting good solid full card coverage stamping. Like with this Hero Arts Design Block FIND THE MAGIC rubber stamp woodblock.   All the supplies are linked at the end of this post.  

Please be advised that the information share in this post is only an opinion of mine based on my experience working with these ink pads.  Although they might work great for me, yours might result differently depending on the type of stamps you use (rubber, clear or woodblock), what type of surface you are stamping on (padded vs not) or with an acrylic block or MISTI (for rubber, clear and cling stamps).  

Ink Pads comparison

Quick Overview: Dye Inks, Pigment Inks & Distress Inks

Below is a quick overview of some of the cool features of dye inks, pigment inks & distress inks. 

Dye Inks (Hero Arts Shadow Ink Mid-tone, Alternew Crisp Inks, Simon Says Stamp Premium Dye Inks)
  • These ink pads are firm and generally consist of cloth-cover felt.
  • The pad surface raise above the edge of container, making it user-friendly applying ink directly onto paper.
  • inks are much thinner in consistency, transparent and faster to dry than pigment inks.
  • inks dye and absorb into the paper.
  • color come out much lighter than the color of the ink pad when dry.
  • great for general stamping and layer stamping
Pigment Inks (Ranger Archival Ink & MementoLUXE)
  • ink pads are sponge-like. 
  • are opaque, non-toxic waterproof inks.
  • thicker and slow drying than dye inks.    You can heat set to speed up the drying process.
  • inks sit on top of the paper
  • color stays the same once dried 
  • need to reinked more often than dye inks
  • great for detail stamping and full coverage
  • permanent on matte and gloss papers
  • air dried on matte surfaces but need to heat set on glossy surfaces
Ranger Distress Inks
  • are great for background technique! It's my #1 favorite ink to use for background blending and coloring. 
  • slow drying inks. They stay wet longer to allow you to blend, shade and emboss.
  • perfect for distressing paper and photos
  • the color stay the same once dried
Hero Arts stamps

Which Ink Pads I'd Recommend For Good Full Solid Coverage Stamping?

Except for the distress inks and MementoLuxe, I think any one of these ink pads would give great full solid coverage result.   However, my favorite top two would have to be the Hero Arts Shadow Ink Mid-tone and the Simon Says Stamp Premium Dye inks.  As you can see in the photo, they both yield a beautiful full coverage to the entire card with an even smooth finished.  And because they are dye inks, they dry quickly.  Allowing you to mass produce cards with them at a much quicker pace than with pigment inks. 

One thing to take note of is that the Hero Arts Shadow Inks stamped splotchy but even out and smooth once dried.

Simon Says Stamp Premium Ink Pads

The third ink pad I would recommend is the Altenew Crisp Ink.  It gives just as good of a coverage as the Hero Arts Shadow inks and Simon Says Stamp Premium inks.  It is also my favorite ink to use for layer stamping because it gives crisp finished images.  It is a dye ink as well.

The Ranger Archival ink pad turned out not too bad, but as you can see there are some small areas that didn't get cover well.  However, it is still a good ink pad to have. As it is a pigment ink, it sits on top of the cardstock.  So it gives a vivid vibrant result.  

Altenew crisp ink pads

The Ranger Distress inks turned out as it should be, with a distress look. But I have expected a great full coverage with the MementoLUXE.  But it didn't.  However, in this case, both ink pads work beautifully well with this Hero Arts Design Block FIND THE MAGIC rubber stamp woodblock as they give an illusion of a chalkboard look.

Ranger distress inks

There you have it!  Six ink pads brands comparison. I hope the information wasn't too overloading and hopefully you find them useful.  Thanks for joining me today.  Take care and may you have a lovely weekend ahead.

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You can find links to the supplies I’ve used below; click on the picture or wording to get taken directly to the product. 

Hero Arts Design Block FIND THE MAGIC Rubber Stamp

SSS Premium Dye Ink Pads Set

SSS Premium Dye Ink Pad- Scuba

SSS Premium Dye Ink Pad - Hollyhock


Non-Slip Vinyl Template Sheets

Bazzill Card Shoppe Cardstock - Marshmallow

Tonic Maxi 12 Inch Gutillontine Paper Trimmer

Hero Arts Shadow Ink Mid-Tone - Bubble Gum

MementoLuxe-Pear Tart

Altenew Crisp Dye Ink - Deep Irish

Ranger Distress Ink - Black Soot

Ranger Archival Ink - Vibrant Fuchsia


CherylQuilts said...

Oh, Christina! Thank you for such a comprehensive review of these ink pads. I've seen a number of people share about the various company inks, and this is excellent information. I like how you've shared about the three different kinds of inks. Well done, sweet friend, and what a beautiful stamp...and colors! Hugs and sending love! xoxo

misty delgado said...

very informative! TFS at Word Art Wednesday!

Rannah Romps said...

Beautifully said and shown!! I have a question. I don't use any of these inks and was wondering if the "Ranger Distress Ink" runs out of ink very fast and do you refill or buy a new one. I see so many people use these.

Christina Hor said...

Hi Rannah and GREAT question too! I will email you as the answer is a bit long to share here. Hugs.

Donna Ellis said...

Fantastic and thorough, Christina! Lovely write up and great examples! Thank you, Christina! Hugs, de

Enigma Artist said...

I'm glad Rannah asked this question. I am having great difficulty using the distress inks and the foam applicators to do that background blending technique. I'm beginning to wonder if the mini ink pads that I purchased from JoAnns are dry which is why my sponge doesn't pick up much color and thus I'm still getting a splotchy background. I've searched for videos but don't find ones that show you how the applicator should look...just ones that show swirly, swirly from the edge and wah-lah! NOT... any advice would be appreciated.

Christina Hor said...

Hello Engima Artist. Thanks for stopping by. I was unable to reply to your question via email since you have not enable reply by email on your blogger profile. If you could leave your email here in the comment or email me directly at memoriescrafter @ gmail dot com, I'd be glad to answer your question more thoroughly. Thanks again for stopping by.

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