New Feature: Projects Gallery Page


Hello!  There is a new page feature, Projects Gallery, added to my blog's page header.  It is my Archives list, but in a gallery format.  Please have a look around.  To redirect to the project's original post, simply click on each thumbnail or the description.  I have organized the gallery with the most recent posts first.  And, to help you navigate easier, I have also added a Back To Top button to the bottom of the page.  

Just a side note, I left my blog at the original http redirect setting. So if you visit my blog via http, you will notice that my right sidebar only visible on the BLOG page and not the other pages. But if you visit me via https, you will notice that the sidebar appears on ALL the pages. That's because the coding I have put in place for the sidebar to only appears on the BLOG page was inputted as http

There are also a couple new features on my sidebar as well, including the new Subscribe By Email and a new setup, my Facebook Like page (way at the bottom).  If you have not yet follow me via e-mail, please do and receive exclusive PDF downloads, tutorials and freebies of my drawing that I don't share here on my blog or Facebook page.

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog today. Please take care.


  1. Wow! What a great feature, Christina! It's like having your own personal Pinterest Account on your blog! Fantastic creations. Is that what you have been doing with all those republished blogs? Loving all your doings on your blog, my friend! hugs, de

  2. I had so much fun looking around!! Remember I couldn't get the water to look right on the sea horse one? Maybe I can get it now!