Holiday Craft: Easy Paper Evergreen Trees

Hello and happy Wednesday!  A quick reminder.  My holiday "Hug A Heart" Cards Drive for kids is ending this Saturday December 10th.  If you haven't mail your out yet, please be sure to do so this week to ensure they'll arrive in time to be deliver to the Cardiac unit floor of Nationwide Children's Hospital next Friday, December 16th.  I am ecstatic to announce that as of yesterday I have received over 65 cards from crafty friends all across the U.S. as well all the way from Canada, my sweetest blogger friend KT Fit Kitty!  I am so touch by all of your kindness.   THANK YOU SO MUCH for taking time out to help bring joy to a little child that will be spending the holiday week in a hospital room rather than from the comfort of his/her own home.  If I have not yet email you my "A Snowman's Heart" image thank you gift, I will do so within next two weeks.

On with more exciting news!  After a little over a week and with lots of helping hands, the 40 mini paper evergreen trees for the 40 rooms of the Cardiac unit are finished ahead of schedule!  Yay!  To keep it a non-Christmas theme, I chose to use heart as the tree topper instead of star and decorated "snow" to the tip of the branches with the left over paint since not all the children and their family celebrate Christmas.

I thought you might like to try making at least one tree yourself or with your children/grandchildren this holiday.  So I took LOTS of step-by-step photos along the way for a little pictorial tutorial below.  All supplies I use here will be listed in the tutorial as well at the end of this post.

concord & 9th Take A Bough Dies Set mini evergreen tree craft are a few quick tips for working with any dies. 

Tip #1: I find that the dies will cut cleanly and better if you position them vertically rather than horizontally. If you are working with intricate dies on heavy cardstock, you will want to use a metal adaptor plate. Otherwise, the dies will not cut all the way through.

Tip #2: To loosen the stickiness (aka static cling) between the cardstock and the dies, place a couple sheets of USED dryer sheets between the cardstock and the dies. Then run through the machine. What it does is the powder that remain on dryer sheet helps minimize the static cling between the paper and the dies.  Thus allows you to remove the paper much easier from the dies.  After the first few cut with the dryer sheets, the powder still remain on the dies. So you only need to use the dryer sheets when the cardstock get too sticky to the dies.  The dryer sheet do stick to the cardstock, but can easily be remove with a pick tool.

Tip #3: If you have a lot of pieces to cut out, try cutting 2 sheets of cardstock at a time.  This will speed up the process.  However, if you are using cardstock thicker than 65 lb weight, you will need to use with a metal adaptor plate.  Otherwise, the dies will not cut all the way through.  For this project, I used the 65 lb weight - Recollections Feathered Green cardstock.



  • 3 different brances from the Concord & 9th "Take A Bough" Dies Set 
  • Sizzix Big Shot - I used the Express version 
  • Bamboo skewers - must be 1/8" (3mm) or it won't work 
  • 2" wood cubes - can substitute with flower pot per Concord & 9th youtube tutorial 
  • Acrylic paint - white 
  • Paint brush 
  • Glue 
  • Our Daily Bread Designs "Ornate Hearts" Dies Set (or any mini heart dies/punch)
  • Green cardstock for branches (or any color of choice)
  • Red glitter paper for hearts (or use foam adhesive hearts)
  • A drill 


  • Stamps to decorate the wood block - I used Power Poppy "Nice Things To Say Midsummer Stunner" clear stamp set 
  • Ink pad to stamp with - I used Lawn Fawn BLACK LICORICE Premium Dye Ink 
  • Acrylic block to cling your stamp to 
mini evergreen tutorial concord & 9th Take A Bough Dies Set
Each tree will need a total of 36 branches - 12 large, 12 medium and 12 small. Make sure to cut extra in case of tears along the way.

Step 1: Set your tree base & start with largest branch size first

Drill a hole down the center of the wood cube about 1/4 inch deep. Push in the bamboo skewer. Paint the wood cube (except the bottom) now or wait at the end. 

There are 3 holes on each branch. Starting with the largest branch, twirl the skewer as you slide the branch in through the middle hole. By twirling, it will enlarge the hole and allow the branch to slide easily down. Do not force the branch through by pushing. You will tear it. Repeat for the remaining 11 large branch size, positioning each one at an angle as you go. See 3A step for bird-eye view.

mini evergreen tutorial concord & 9th Take A Bough Dies Set

Step 2: Repeat above step for the medium & small size branches. 

Again, angle each branches as you go. For a thicker tree, stack the branches closer together.

mini evergreen tutorial concord & 9th Take A Bough Dies Set

Step 3: Cut 2 red hearts. 

Apply glue on and adhere them together to the tip of the skewer. Now you have a double sided heart. You'll need to press and hold for a few second.

TIP: To make it as a Christmas tree with a star topper, you can use the star that comes with the set.

Step 4: Decorate the tree and base. 

Paint the wood cube with the acrylic paint.  Give it two coats.  Let dry before applying the second coat. Then using the tip of the paint brush, dab the white paint to the tip of the branches to create "snow."  Finally decorate the wood cube by stamping on the sentiment "Warm Hugs" from the Power Poppy's Nice Things To Say Midsummer Stunner clear stamp set with the Lawn Fawn's BLACK LICORICE premium dyke ink. This is a brand new ink pad to me but I absolutely love how clean, crisp and detail it came out! 

TIP:  For a Christmas tree, you can create snowflake garland with the snowflakes dies that came with the set.

mini evergreen tutorial concord & 9th Take A Bough Dies Set

FINISHED!  A bird-eye view for you. This wasn't an easy project to photograph!  LOL.

This project truly was a team effort. My husband drilled the hole into each of the 2" wood cubes. My two oldest and a couple of my daughter's friends really have a fun time taking turn pushing down on the button of my Sizzix's Big Shot Express machine. There were over 1440 branches cut and the kids did majority of the cutting for me! Even our little 3 years sweetie wanted in on the action. She helped cut out some of the 80 glittering red hearts. I finished off by assembling the branches to the bamboo skewers, painted the wood blocks and stamped on the sentiment. I am a little controlling when it come to adding details to the finishing touches. So when my husband offered to help paint the wood blocks, I sweetly turned him down. LOL.

One last look of the 40 evergreen trees...

If you would like to see how Concord & 9th put the tree together, you can view it over at the Concord & 9th YouTube tutorial. I have to admit that Concord & 9th dies set are of very high quality! Even after over 1440 pieces cut, the dies still in good shape! This investment truly worth every pennies!

Thanks so much for stopping by and I hope you do give this project a try. Please see below for the links to the supplies list.


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mini evergreen tree tutorial Concord & 9th Take A Bough Dies Set


Donna Ellis said...

You and your helping hands have done a fabulous job, Christina! You must feel excited about having these in each room, and I'm delighted that so many cards have arrived for the children! Thanks for giving us all an opportunity to participate in your heart-full journey! Your children will feel so happy and proud, won't they? It's a wonderful Christmas opportunity for them - and the fact that they are respectful of other people's beliefs, too. That shows true devotion and love. Thanks for sharing the tutorial and the LOVE! hugs, de

KT Fit Kitty said...

Wow, Wow, Wow, Christina! These trees look AMAZING! I know you are very excited to take them to the children next week along with the cards! Yay! The look on their faces will be priceless! It's no fun being in the hospital any time but especially at Christmas, so I am glad we could bring them some joy. I am happy I could help out in a small way! You and your helpers did an awesome job with all the trees!!! That's a lot of work but such a labour of love! Thanks for sharing how you made them! It's a beautiful die set that you have used to make these trees!

Lori Kobular said...

Your trees look so pretty! I love the heart topper! Thank you for the tutorial on how to make them! I mailed my cards out to you on Monday, so they were supposed to arrive today, but I just check the tracking number and they changed it to tomorrow delivery! I sure hope they make it to you tomorrow!

Rannah Romps said...

Your little forest of hugs are beautiful! What a fun tutorial too! Thanks for showing how to make them. They are darn cute, especially when you have a forest. Also, Christine, thank you so very much for doing so much for others. Lots of Hugs to YOU

Vickie Y said...

What a thoughtful project! It made my heart happy to help by sending you a few cards to help brighten the day of a child. Thank you for sharing the tutorial! Hugs, Vickie Y

Bobbi said...

The trees are fabulous. Thanks so much for sharing.

Lois Wyche said...

You are so inspiring. What you have done and is doing is really a touch of love. You are admired from afar.

Megan J said...

Hi Christina, Wow you and your family and little friends have been very busy, 40 gorgeous trees to bring some cheer to the little ones stuck in hospital beds over the holidays and their families too! Have a great week and thank you for the tutorial... Megan

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