How To Crop Digital Images In Picmonkey

Hello!  Today's quick pictorial tutorial is on how to crop digital stamp images.  Cropping is a method use to cut out parts of an image (or set of images) that you don’t want to keep.  Cropping can be easily done with any tools that has photo editing capability.  Personally, I like using Microsoft Word and Picmonkey, an online photo editor.  For today's tutorial, I will focus on cropping with Picmonkey.

Disclosure:  Please be advised that the information share in this post about picmonkey is only an opinion of mine based on my own personal satisfaction with using the program. This is not an affiliate post.  

For my demonstration, I will be using my “Greetings Sentiments” digital set that I released as a freebie back on April 26th.  This freebie is still available if you are interested.

Tutorial:  Cropping With Picmonkey Program

1.  Go to
2.  Click on EDIT.
3.  Then click on the COMPUTER icon to upload the image you want to work with.  If your image is saved somewhere else (like on Facebook), then click on the appropriate icon show.

4.  Your image will now open up in picmonkey, like this:

5.  On the LEFT hand side of the screen, click on the CROP icon.  A box will now appear over your image.

6.  Click on the center of the CROP box.  Hold down and drag the box over to the portion of the image you want to keep.

In this case, I want to keep the top sentiment “sending you a hello” and delete everything else.

7.  Notice a tiny box on each corner of the CROP box? (See above photo).  Click on any one of those tiny boxes.  Then, holding down on the mouse, drag the box INWARD to make the CROP box smaller.  Then hit green APPLY button on the left hand side of the screen. 

You now have your new cropped image. 

8.  Save your new cropped image by clicking on the SAVE button from the top tool bar.  Give it a new file name.  Then hit the green SAVE TO MY COMPUTER button.


For the pdf download version of this tutorial, you can access it here.

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Linda W. said...

Awesome post Christina! Easy peasy - thank you!

Rannah Romps said...

Thanks for Sharing christina! You sure are good at giving instructions!!

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