S U N . S A N D . S K E T C H .

Hello!  I am back from vacationing in beautiful Sanibel Island, Florida and want to share a few sketches that I did during the trip along with some beautiful island's finds.  I'll be back to sharing new card projects with you next week.  Since getting back I have been trying to catch up with e-mails as well working on finalizing the details for a very FUN blog hop (with 2 awesome prizes to win) that I have been planning out for the past few months just for you.  There will be eight amazing designers joining me on this hop of whom many are of no strangers to you.  So please mark your calendar for next Tuesday August 1st, 8 a.m. eastern time where the FUN all starts right here on my blog.  Hope to see you.

S U N . S A N D . S K E T C H .
Day 1 of our trip, my eyes caught sight of this beautiful white beach chair near the beach house and immediately I grabbed for my sketchbook and started sketching. It took me a few days to finished. But I really love how it turned out! The chair was so cleverly staged. Right at the edge, where the gravel pathway meets the soft, cool white sand. Oh the view of the Gulf of Mexico was just breath-taking and made one felt so small being there looking out at the endless body of water. How amazing and magnificent God's creation is!

We saw lots of sea birds.  One spectacular sight was watching a pelican plunged into the water to catch its meal.  But pelicans are beyond my artistic skill.  So I settled on something much easier in form.  I think this is a Sanderling.  Oh I don't know.  Maybe you can tell me in the comment below.  LOL.

We also enjoyed watching lots of sunset.  So I knew I have to get a sketch of one before I leave.  Now this drawing is actually based on what I have envisioned in my mind.

Finally, the day before we flew back, I managed to get one last sketch in.  This one was also based on what I envisioned in my mind.  Can you find the little person in the sketch?  Let me know in the comment below if you do :)

Okay.  I have to share this photo of my three kiddos having a blast jumping waves.  Oh we have so much FUN on our trip.  Lots of beach time and YES everyone tanned!  

If you ever have the chance to visit Sanibel Island, I urge you to check out the beach house rental at Shell Island Beach Club.  That where we stayed.  Got a gorgeous beach-front view and the place comes fully equipped with washer/dryer and kitchen.  It's like being at home but so much relaxer!  Kan's parents joined us and like any typical Chinese mom, my mother-in-law could not stay out of the kitchen.  So all the delicious meals were prepared by her :)

Now, time at the beach wouldn't be fun without go shell hunting and oh my goodness we collected A LOT!  Most was by my father-in-law though.  He just love spending time at the beach.  It was so relaxing for him and if he can stayed out there all day collecting shells, he would.  We are so glad that he and my mother-in-law could joined us on this paradise island.  

We also saw many other sea creatures that got washed up during low tides such as hermet crabs, horse-shoe crabs, starfish and LOTS of sand dollars! 

We also saw lots of the island's gorgeous plants.  I don't know the name of many of these flowers.  But if you do, please share in the comment below. 

We also ate a lot of mango!  That's the last photo on the bottom right.

Thanks so much for stopping by and check out photos from my vacation.  I look forward to getting back to crafting and sharing my first card project with you next week.  And don't forget!  I have a fun blog hop for you next Tuesday, August 1st, 8 a.m. eastern time.  So please join me.

May you have a blessed day!  Take care.


Christine said...

Oh, Christina, what beautiful images you have shared! I love your sketches and photos. I believe I see a silhouette of a lady in your drawing of the palm tree. Should I give away the location? Glad you had a special vacation and were able to bring such lovely memories and images back home!

Cara Malmrose said...

WOW ... I loved looking at all your drawings and pictures Christina. Sounds (and looks) like you had an amazing time with your family! Thanks for sharing the memories you created!
(Hugs) Cara

PS ... saw the little person in your drawing leaning agains the palm tree :O)

Verna Angerhofer said...

Wonderful photos and sketches. It looks like a great fun vacation too!


Yes you found her Christine! It is a lady under the palm tree :)

Donna said...

Fabulous pictures, your kids look like they are having a wonderful time!

Jo - Jo's Scrap Shack said...

Oh wow... what gorgeous sketches Christina and lovely photos!!!! You captured some amazing photos... and it looks like you sure had a beautiful time!!!!

Lois Wyche said...

Oh what beautiful sketches and the lady under the palm tree relaxing. Great photos of your family and the shells. I like collecting them also. Glad you had time to relax and enjoy.

Rannah Romps said...

I love beach scenes Christina so all of these are my favorite! Yes, I see the little lady too. :) I love the shells so much. (our shell don't even compare to yours though) I would get some small shells and bury them in the sand box and when the grand kids came over we'd play that we found treasures. They had so much fun! At one time I had decorated my bathroom all beach things. The color of the water and the beach sand are so calming to me and there's nothing like a palm tree to lean against. All those flowers you saw are so unique!! So colorful, so beautiful. What an amazing time you had! Thank You so much for sharing your drawings and your beautiful trip with all of us! Look how big the kids are!!! :)

Migdalia said...

Love all of the wonderful drawings & photos.The little person is under the palm tree...so cute!Glad to hear that you enjoyed your vacation.
Have a wonderful day,
Crafting with Creative M

Lillian A said...

Looks and sounds like you had a most awesome tropical vacation, Christine! Your drawings are the epitome of relaxation, and your flower photos are so sharp and focused, it makes one think that we can smell them. What fun to find such an array of seashells and most look in perfect shape - sand dollars are a real lucky find, too. You must have great photos to do some wonderful scrapbook memory pages of the family. Thanks so much for sharing.

Lori Kobular said...

Love all your beautiful sketches Christina! You are a true artist! Your pictures all look great too! I am glad you had a wonderful vacation! You surely deserve it!

Donna Ellis said...

Don't you just love being able to stroll the beach, leisurely finding all the treasures to be discovered and appreciated? My shell collections are dear to my heart LOL Such fun times... Your photos are fantastic, and especially, the one of your children jumping in the waves! I have enjoyed all your sketches, Christina. Wishing you a week of pure delight! hugs, de

stampfoldandrepeat (Jeanie) said...

Love your pretty sketches and I definitely see the little person in the last sketch. Awesome photos too!

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