Updated February 15, 2018 to remove link to the Deedee’s Digis store.  The store was closed in January 2016.  

    Hello!  Today I hope to inspired you with a quick and easy craft tutorial, fun for the entire family.  I call these “Color & Snack Me” milk cartons.

    Part 1: how to make 2 Cartons


    • 1 heavy-weight cardstock, size 8.50×11
    • scoreboard
    • paper trimmer
    • scissor
    • double side tape or craft glue
    • twine
    Step 1: Cut cardstock in half to create 2, 5.50 X8.50 pieces. Put aside one and with the other piece, place on the score board and score as shown in the photos, starting with the left photo.  Then, fold on all the scored lines.

    Step 2: Cut at the scored lines like show below in the photo to create the base of the box.  Then, place back on the scoreboard as show in the photo with the 8.50 side going across.  Next, to create the folded top, score as show with the pink arrow.

    This what it should look like.

    Step 3: Apply double-side tape or glue to the short folded side and seal.  Next, flip the base up and seal as shown with double-side tape or glue.  TIP:  To make a curve bottom, trim off one of the flap.

    Final Step: Your box should look like the one on the left photo once the corner and base are sealed. Next, wrap the top with twine and tied into a bow.

    Part 2: Decorate The Milk Carton


    • pattern papers from Deedee’s Digis Bugs & Blooms set – cut into 2×8.50 stripe
    • uncolored images from Deedee’s Digis Bugs & Blooms set – resize to 1.50×1.50
    • paper trimmer
    • scissor
    • double side tape or craft glue
    optional supplies: ruler, pencil, dies circle/square and Big Shot


    Step 1: With the pattern paper, cut out a stripe of 2×8.50 size. Flip it over so the wrong side facing up toward you. Add double-side tape or glue around the corners like show below. I like using these double-side tape that you can tear. It makes adhesive pieces together quickly.

    Step 2: Starting in the middle of one of the milk carton’s side, slowly wrap the paper around the milk carton and pressing down with the scoring-bone as you go.

    Step 3: Opened the uncolored images up in Microsoft Word, resize to 1.50×1.50 and print. It helps to put a box/circle around the images to help guide with the cutting later.  Next, cut the images out and adhesive to each side. Here I used Sizzix Big Shot and Spellbinder classic circles and classic rectangle dies to help me make the perfect cut.

    Step 4: Fill it & Tie It Up!  You can fill these boxes with any mini snacks! Or if you’re using them as party favors, mini toys will fit just fine. Then, press the top together, wrap the twine around, add your crayon, wrap the twine over it and tied in a bow.

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