Hello!  Today’s tutorial is on how to make this fun and easy Valentine’s Day kids’ craft project with your kiddos or grandchildren over this weekend.  Later today I will be hosting my son’s kindergarten class Valentine party and this is the craft project that they will be doing.  It’s a bag to hold their Valentines from each other.  What I’ve learned from hosting classroom party the past two years is that kids do not like getting their hands sticky with glue.   Rather, they love lots and lots of foam stickers and gluing things with glue dots and adhesive tapes.  So this will be a great project for them.


    Create A Valentine Cards Bag Holder



    • Large googly eyes
    • Paper heart shape or Heart shape foam sticker – color of choice
    • Pom pom – color of choice
    • Assorted heart shape foam stickers for decoration
    • Black marker – to draw the smile
    • Glue dots
    • Glue stick (I substitute with adhesive tapes)
    • Cardstock – color of choice
    • Small gift bag (substitute with lunch bag to save cost)
    • Scoring board
    • Scoring bone
    • Paper trimmer


    Step 1 – Decorate the face:  Apply glue dot to the back of the googly eyes.  Then adhesive it to the paper heart shape or heart shape foam sticker.  Next, stick down with glue dot the pom pom for the nose.  Draw in a smile with the marker and add mini heart foam sticker to each end of the smile.  You got the face


    Step 2 – Create arms and legs:  With the cardstock, cut out 2 stripes of 1″ x 11″.  Then lay it on the scoreboard with the 11 inch going across and score at every 1/2 inch mark.  Next, cut each stripe in half at the 5 1/2 inch mark to get 4, 1 x 5 1/2 stripes of paper.  Then fold each stripe at the score lines, like an accordion.  You got your arms and legs. (I prep this entire part for them ahead of time).


    Step 3: Open up the bag and on one side, punch two holes side to side, about 1/2 inch down from the opening.   Then thread the pipe cleaner through the holes, loop each end around the bag’s handle once and then bend the tip inward to create a tiny circle.


    Step 4 – Glue the heart face onto the bag.

    Step 5: Open up each side of the bag and glue on the arm, like this.


    Step 6: Next, glue on the legs. Then add heart shape foam sticker at the end of the arms and legs.


    Step 7: Decorate the tummy area of the bag with more foam stickers!  Voila!  The bag is complete.


    That was super easy and fun right?  I hope you enjoy this little tutorial and will give it a try with your kiddos or grandchildren over the weekend.

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