Hello everyone! I will be back in October with cards projects to share with you.  But for today I would like to share a very fun kid’s craft project tutorial that we did last Friday at our kids’ school annual Fall Palooza event.


    Not only is this project great to do together as a family, it also helps beautify your landscape as well.  Oh yes!  I also made a chocolate horse cake for the event!

    Tutorial on how to make grass head craft project and a horse cake

    You might heard of them by the name Grass Heads because that’s exactly what they are. Grass growing out of something that shaped like a head. But the PTO committee calls them the “Little Thinkers” to go with this year school theme “We Grow Thinkers.”
    I’m not on the PTO committee. But they needed parents volunteers to help run all the different stations. Of course I picked the craft station and I get to help made these for the first time! Now I’m bringing the tutorial to you so you too can make them!



    [refer to the numbers in the photos below as guide]

    1. Cut each hosiery leg in half and tie a knot to one end. Using the toilet tube as a funnel, scope 2 teaspoons of grass seeds into the hosiery.
    2. Fill with 2 cups full of sand & dirt mixure.
    3. Knot the end. Now you got the head with 2 ears.
    4. Grab the middle (between the ear) into a small circle to form the nose. Tie the nose with fishing line.
    5. Decorate with googly eyes and other stickers (glasses, ribbon for hair, etc). You’re Done!

    How to take care of your “Little Thinkers”…

    1. Keep it in a bowl to catch any water or moisture.
    2. Put it in a sunny place.
    3. Water with a spray bottle or a little bit of water every other day.
    4. Your little thinker should sprout “hair” in 7-10 days.
    5. Use scissor to give your little thinker a trim whenever its needed 🙂

    My chocolate horse cake

    that I made and donated for the famous Cake Walk activity station.  You can read more about what a Cake Walk HERE.  Last time I used this horse molding pan was 2 years ago for Catherine’s birthday.  I originally wanted to made it a white horse with brown hair.  But when I got home I realized I bought all chocolate frosting.  So I added sprinkles for the bridle to highlight the head better.  I used the star tip to pipped the face.  It went super fast.  For the eye, I used a jumbo size eye candy.  Afterward I found out that the winner of my cake was an old classmate of my son. Yay!

    More photos from the Palooza evening event…

    I’m rarely in photos since I don’t like having my picture taken.  But I am very grateful to my friend who took these.  She had really captured the excitement of the evening and allow me to add these to my scrapbook to cherish.

    I hope you will give the “Little Thinkers” grass heads project a try. Thanks for sharing your day with me. Take care.

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