It’s graduation time. Do you have a special grad in your life you want to honor? How about celebrating his or her great achievement by gift wrapping that perfect graduation gift in this versatile graduation cap gift box? Use the box alone to hold large gift item or neatly hold a gift card in place with the optional gift card holder insert. Then fill the rest of the space with small items or chocolate and top with a mini notecard. Don’t need a gift box but hosting the party? How about using it as party favor or as cards box holder by simply cut an opening slot on the cap? The possibilities are unless!

    This tutorial was inspired by this graduation cap gift box I made for Elizabeth, a high school graduate, daughter of a friend of ours and future OSU Buckeye.  We all so very proud of her!



    12×12 size cardstock – 3 sheets
    circle die – small
    Peel N Stick Foam Sheet
    Sizzix Big Shot machine
    scoring board
    bone fold
    paper trimmer
    craft knife
    die pick (alternative: large needle)
    adhesive sheet
    adhesive tape (alternative: glue)

    INSTRUCTION: BOX BASE (4 inch x 4 inch)

    1. Trim cardstock to size 10 inch by 10 inch.
    2. Place cardstock on scoring board.  With the bone fold, score down at the 3-inch and 7-inch marks.

    graduation cap box gift card insert tutorial

    3.  Rotate cardstock 90-degree clockwise.  From the 2-inch mark, score down to the 3 inch horizontal mark (from Step 2).  STOP.
    4.  Next, score down at 3-inch and 7-inch mark.
    5.  Then, at the 8-inch mark, score down to the 3 inch horizontal mark (from Step 2).  STOP.
    6.  Rotate cardstock 180-degree. At the 2-inch mark, score down to the 3-inch horizontal mark.  STOP.
    7.  Then, at the 8-inch mark, score down to the 3 inch horizontal mark (from Step 2).  STOP.  Result should look like the photo below.

    graduation cap box gift card insert tutorial

    8.  Make cuts on the red lines below.  Then fold on all the scored lines.
    9.  Adhere the box.  Result should look like the photo below.





    1.  Trim cardstock to 4-inch by 6-inch.  Then score down at the 3-inch, 4-inch and 5-inch mark.
    2.  Between the 4-inch and 5-inch score mark, cut out a 3.50-inch by 0.125 inch slot for the gift card.
    3.  Valley fold all the scored lines.

    4.  Slip the gift card holder insert into the box.

    TIP:  To permanently adhere to the box, apply adhesive to the back side of the insert.


    1.  Trim cardstock to size 8.50 inch by 8.50 inch.

    2.  On the scoring board, score down at the 0.875-inch, 1.50-inch, 7-inch and 7.625-inch mark.

    TIP:  0.875 is between 0.75 and 1.0 mark.  7.625 is between 7.50 and 7.75 mark.

    3.  Turn cardstock 90 degree clockwise and repeat Step 2.
    4.  Next, at the 2.125-inch mark (between 2.0 & 2.25), score down to the 0.875-inch horizontal scored line (from Step 2).  STOP.

    5.  Move over to the 6.375-inch mark (between 6.25 & 6.50), score down to the 0.875-inch horizontal scored line (from Step 2).  STOP.
    6.  Turn cardstock 90 degree clockwise again and repeat Step 4-5. Do this for the remaining three sizes.  Result should look like the photo below.

    TIP: for better view of the photo, click on the photo.

    7.  Trim off areas marked in red below.


     TIP:  For the diagonal lines, best to cut with the craft knife, using the ruler as guide.


    8.  Place adhesive tape as show below (LEFT) and adhere the pieces together.  Result (RIGHT photo).

    9.  Insert the tassel to the cap by poking a hole with the die pick (or large needle) and thread the tassel through.  Trim off the other end of the tassel and adhere to the inside of the cap.

    DIY Graduation Cap box

    10.  Cover the outer and inner part of the hole by die cutting out 2 small foam circles, with cardstock adhere to one side of the foam.  To do that, first place adhesive sheet over the foam sheet and adhere the cardstock on.  Then, place the circle die on and run through the Sizzix Big Shot.

    graduation cap box gift card insert tutorial

    Finished project.
    graduation cap box gift card insert tutorial


    Watch in HD over at my YouTube channel.

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