Hello.  Awhile back I have promised to give a tour of my craft room.  Today’s the day.  But first, here are 5 tips you might want to consider before doing a craft room makeover.  Compensated affiliate links used (at no additional cost to you).


    Craft Room Makeover | 5 Tips To Consider Before Getting Started

    The following five tips are based on my craft room makeover experience from last year which took over 6 months to complete.  You can always check out these tips at anytime over on the Crafter’s Resources page.


    #1:  Start with an empty room

    It is always easier to work with an empty space rather than a clutter one.  So move everything out of the room and store them in another room of the house.

    #2:  Work with YOUR ROOM’S floor plan, not the inspired Pinterest photos

    The problem with trying to do a make-over of your craftroom based on inspired photos like ones you see on Pinterest is that unless your room has the exact same floor plan as the inspirational room, you will not get the same result.  Even if you put in the same furnitures and fixtures.  So rather than trying to make your craft room looks like the room in the photo, use it as an inspiration tool instead to help you decide how to best do a make over of your craft-room.

    #3:  Declutter

    Now that you have an empty room, start by getting rid of items you don’t use or no longer need before continue on with the make-over of your craft room. There’s a saying that if you haven’t touch a stamp set or tool in 6 months or more, chances are you never will.  So give them away.  Declutter.

    #4: Organize all your supplies into categories FIRST…Perhaps even into sub-categories

    After deciding which items you want to get rid of, look at all the ones you are keeping.  Organize those into categories (perhaps even sub-categories) like stamps, dies, embellishments, ink pads etc.  Jog these categories down.

    #5:  Draw up a floor plan

    Once you have organized and make note of all your supplies into categories, take a look at your empty craft room and do a sketch of the room’s floor plan.

    • Make note of where you want to place each category of supplies.
    • Determine what extra storage furnitures you’ll need to purchase and where they go.
    • Once the room is furnished, organize your supplies in their categorized (destinated) area.


    Video | Craft Room Tour

    This video was taken during Christmas week.  Some of the storage solution products you’ll see are ink pad holders and marker holders from  Stamp-N-Storage (a small family owned business specialized in craft storage solutions).  You can read more about these products I use and why I chose them here in this post.

    For the complete list of products and furnitures I use for organizing my craft room, please check out my craftroom organization page.

    May you have a blessed day.


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