Hello.  Today I would like to share some general cards I recently received from many generous cardmakers across the world for the current Cards for Little Hearts card drive collection.  If you are new to my blog, I started this card drive in 2016 and the purpose of Cards for Little Hearts is to bring smiles, hope and encouragement to congenital heart patients with handmade cards.

    Currently there are three different collections taking place during different time of the year.  The general collection is the newest that I added on this year and it runs all year round.   If you are looking for places to send your general cards to, please consider sending them to my Cards for Little Hearts card drive.

    More details about the general cards collection, including mailing address & acknowledgement form  can be found over on Cards for Little Hearts’ official website.

    I will be uploading more photos onto the Gallery page of Cards of Little Hearts’ website later this week.  Please do stop by and check them out.

    Cards received from Judy Marino   

    Cards received from @Wizacards  

    Cards received from Lillian Abrams 

    286 cards plus coloring kits was delivered last week to Heart Center Staff

    I make the delivery during the 1st week of each month.  Of the 286 cards & coloring kits delivered last week…

    • 100 went to the Heart Failure & Transplant group,
    • 71 to the Adult Congenital and the rest to
    • other areas of the Single Ventricle group.

    Also included with each card to the patients is a coloring kit.  Each coloring kit contains 4 (A2 size or 4-1/4″x5-1/2″) coloring pages (of hand stamped images or digital) a pack of crayons & sticker.  My sincerest thanks and appreciation to Judy Marino, Nancy Rigoglioso and all the cardmakers that helped send in some coloring pages and stickers for the kits, including my dear blogging friends Cara Malmrose, Verna Angerhofer and Helen G.

    My next delivery will be next month during the May 4th week for all cards receiving this month.   Thanks for stopping by.  May you have a blessed day ahead.

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