Hello!  For today’s tutorial, I am sharing a Twist Pop-Up Birthday Card that I made for my son’s 9th birthday along with 5 tips to considers before getting started on a pop-up card.

There are a lot of steps go into making a twist pop-up card.  So, to minimize the steps process,  I use the Karen Burniston’s Twist Panel Pop-Up (#1009) Die Set to create the twist pop-up base.  There will be LOTS of step-by-step pictorial to share along the way.  Then, I will wrap up with decorating the card.

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5 Tips To Consider Before Making A Pop Up Card

1. Don’t Attempt To Complete All In One Day:  Because of the many parts and steps involve, pop-up cards are very time consuming.  For a beginner, it can take several hours to complete one.  So do a little at a time.

2.  Read Instruction Thoroughly FIRST.  Go Step-By-Step.  Be Patience:  Pop up cards are not that complex to make.  It just take lots of time and require patience.  Make sure to take time to read through the instruction first before getting started.  Then,approach one step at a time.  You’ll make less mistakes that way.  Especially at the end when assembling the pop-up base to the card base.  But…

3.  If  You Do Mess Up, That’s Okay!  It just paper.  So, don’t fuss.  Just toss it away and start again.

4.  Speed Up Assembling Time With Double-Sided Adhesive Tapes:  Glue takes time to dry and can result with a messy finished card.  To help speed up assembling time and clean finished, use double-sided adhesive tape instead.  It comes in different width sizes.

5.  Use A Pop-Up Die Set.  There are lots of cutting and measuring involve in making a pop-up card from scratch.  That part alone will take most of your time.  So, whenever possible, use a pop-up die set instead.  This will cut down time and ensure that all your measurements are accurate.  It also allow you to make multiple sets of the same design quickly and a professional finished looking every time.

Above All, Have FUN!


Tutorial – Create A Basic (A2 Size) Twist Pop-Up Card

SUPPLIES NEED: Karen Burniston’s Twist Panel Pop-Up Die Set #1009; cardstock; Sizzix Big Shot; paper trimmer; scoring board; bone fold; craft glue (recommend using double-sided adhesive tape to speed up assembling time); craft scissor


Step 1 – Create An A2 (4-1/4″ x 5-1/2″) Top-Folded Card Base

Cut color cardstock of your choice to size 4.25″x11″.  Then, score at the 5.5″ mark.  Set aside.

Step 2 – Create The Twist Pop-Up Base

  • Cut second color cardstock to size 4″x10.75″.  Score at 5.375″ mark. (see photo 2)
  • Position the alignment nubs die piece right center on the 5.375″ mark.  Run through the Big Shot. (see photo 2)
  • Work all the score lines.  Valley fold the cross-cross.  Mountain fold the outside lines.  (see photo 2a)
  • Apply adhesive to the outside fold (see photo 2a)


Step 2b – Adhere Arm Pieces To Pop-Up Base

  • Die cut 2 arm pieces.  Adhere the arms to each side of the base. 
  • Next, apply adhesive on top of the arms.  *careful*  For the left arm, you only need to apply adhesive halfway to the top, outer half portion.  For the right arm, only apply halfway to the bottom, outer half portion. (see photo 2b)

 Step 3 – Create The Panel (see photo 3)

  • Die cut 2 panels.  Each panel has 2 frames. 
  • Adhere the two panels together, joint in the middle.  You now have a 4 frames panel.
  • Work all the folds.

Step 3a – Assembled Pop Up Base (see photo 3a)

Carefully adhere the framed panel to the arms of the pop-up base.  

Step 4 – Adhere Pop-Up Base To Card Base (see photo 4)

  • Twist the pop-up base counter-clockwise to close flat.
  • Carefully adhere to inside card base.

Decorate The Card – Finishing Details

SUPPLIES NEED: (Sentiment Stamp Set) Simon Says Stamp’s Birthday Messages Stamp Set (Animals) Karen Burniston’s Woodland Die Set #1001; (Trio balloons) Sizzix Framelits Die Set It’s A Party Drop-Ins; (Large Birthday Script) Memory Box Co.’s Birthday Jotted Script Die Set, (Cupcake) Simon Says Stamp’s Birthday Circle Wafer Die Set (Mini Balloons & Sprinkles Dots) Ranger’s Enamel Accents in Sunflower, Cheese Puff , White and Blue Ribbon (Accessories) silver embroidery thread; embroidery thread; craft scissor; white pen; black pen; adhesive


  1. Die cut a stitched border and banner pieces from the Twist Panel Pop-Up set.  Hand written in “Happy” on to the banner.  Hang banner to the stitched border with embroidery thread.  Adhere to the top of the card.
  2. Die cut the Birthday Jotted Script in black and white.  Adhere to card below the banner.
  3. Stamp on Birthday Messages.
  4. Decorate panel’s frames with woodland animalscupcake, and balloons.
  5. Finish by pipping on mini balloons for the animal to hold and colorful sprinkles with the Ranger’s Enamel Accents in Sunflower, Cheese Puff , White and Blue Ribbon.

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